So the hype created a few months ago didn’t seem to live up to it. What I’m talking about, is my PLE portal, also known as Netvibes. When I was first introduced to it, I thought that it would be a great tool to use to go onto it everyday and read my favorite blogs, but I was wrong. There are just too many competitors, like Facebook and Twitter, which are vastly superior to Netvibes. To elaborate, the first thing I usually do when turning on my computer is go onto Facebook and Twitter, but not Netvibes. The reason why, is because there is no sense of “freshness” in Netvibes or even Symbaloo, while Facebook and Twitter flooded with fresh posts and tweets. Now this may seem harsh, but it’s the reality. I feel that Netvibes or other PLE portal tools will need to include something groundbreaking that Facebook/Twitter does not have, in order to attract me and other users to continue to use it. Looking forward to discussing this at the final meeting in a couple of weeks time. 



It’s been a little more than a week into spring break now. The most productive thing I’ve done since then was probably making myself a sandwich (just kidding 😀 ), so I decided to blog about what I usually do when my brain is actually active. 


Memrise is a fantastic learning platform where users can design their own “lessons” and share them with other people. Lessons are a flashcard-style system where you can learn by matching  a term or word with it’s corresponding word/definition. The subjects of the lessons are quite discursive (learnt that word on Memrise!), ranging from French to the English national football team. I usually go on there once every two or three days when I’m bored and learn all sorts of new words. It’s actually quite useful for writing, and I also can bluff to my friends by using all sorts of fancy words that they don’t have a clue about what it means! 




Duolingo is similar to Memrise, but specifically tailored for languages. Also, the lessons are designed carefully by the people running the website, so quality is guaranteed. Even though the options for languages are quite limited at the moment (French, German, Portuguese  Italian, and Spanish), I’m pretty sure this website will go viral and many new languages will be added! I do French and sometimes Italian on Duolingo, and they are quite fun to learn! I’m planning to ditch French in school next year so I definitely will continue to learn here.


You can connect all these websites to Facebook or Twitter too, which makes it easier to interact with your friends and have some competitions. 🙂

Sad Times

Just a quick update here, I’m currently finding it REALLY hard to check my blogs regularly. It’s not because I don’t have the time or desire, but my beloved Arsenal are just doing….. abysmally. Every blog post I see is typed up by an angry fan like myself, and it just adds to my “sports depression” with every post I read. There is a MASSIVE match tomorrow, and I hopefully will resume my dashboard-checking if we get a good result! (Very unlikely though. 😦 ) I’ll never abandon Arsenal, but I might just add a new tab to my dashboard with other RSS feeds about other of my interests that would hopefully soften my “sports depression”!

Praying for a good result tomorrow. #COYG #Arsenal


EDIT: Wow. Just found out that our best player is injured until JUNE. Sigh, depressing times indeed.

The Midway Point

Since the PLN group will not get chances to meet regularly every other day, I’ve decided to write an update just to map out the future and what I and/or my peers need to do.

We’ve come to an agreement to make a post every week. Also, we made a Facebook group so we all can discuss and share our ideas on there. I definitely hope myself and my mates continue to write posts every week, so we all can keep ourselves motivated. 


I was introduced to an amazing tool last week. Netvibes. Netvibes is a portal similar to Google Reader that allows you to view all your RSS feeds in one place.


The picture above shows the blogs I’m subscribed to and shows the most recent headlines. Clicking on one of those headlines would lead you to a reader in Netvibes. You can also choose to make it link you to the actual blog website with a click.

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 8.34.40 AM

You can also add Twitter feeds to Netvibes. You can search a specific person’s Twitter profile, or a hashtag like #sgspleproj. I’m really looking forward to developing this tool further, possibly linking it to school-related websites. I’ll keep you updated!

My Experience So Far…

It’s been almost half a month since I launched my PLN project. I feel that it would be appropriate for me to reflect on my experiences in these two weeks with my person learning network. 


My social networking experience (especially Twitter) became a bit dull during the winter break, where I virtually spent everyday scrolling through it, hoping to squeeze out a bit more new information from the hundreds of tweets I’ve read. This project basically revitalized my experience in social networking. The making of this blog and learning how to use Google Reader has expanded my reception on information about my topic – soccer (or football for all the brits reading! (if any :P)). I have learned some useful techniques both the hard way and through various people, and I will share it here on my blog. 


  • Don’t write your blog post in you browser! Do it in word or pages! I’ve learned this the hard way after typing a rather long blog post.
  • If you have to force it, it’s probably bad! (I’m referring to blog posts, but this also applies to many other things in life)
  • Don’t write purely for followers. Enjoy yourself and eventually they will come!
  • Commenting on other people’s blog posts is very beneficial, as you can communicate with other people and hopefully meet them in real life.


Hope these tips helped. Looking forward to blogging in the future!